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(FOR GL10 SUPPORT PLEASE SEE BELOW)If you have purchased a POGO and found it is or has become faulty and is within the guarantee provided by the retailer you bought it from, then you should contact the retailer for a replacement or refund. No repair facility is available.The Polaroid POGO is compatible with some makes of mobile phone available, such as older Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Blackberry models. However it has been found to be incompatible with many of the latest smartphones now becoming available. In this case we suggest that you look at purchasing a GL10 instead, details of which can be found on this website.
The POGO is not compatible with any Apple iPhone.
Additionally the Pogo is not compatible with PC’s or laptops,
It is only compatible with PICTBRIDGE enabled cameras. However it has been found it may not operate with the latest models of cameras with this facility so please check before purchasing if possible.The passcode when setting up a Bluetooth connection is 6 0 0 0
If you are missing an adaptor or battery the only option available now is to look for a second hand unit on ebay or other similar. All replacement stocks of batteries and adaptors have been exhausted.
Where horizontal streaks appear on the image, it may be possible to improve this by cleaning the head.
1. Turn Off the printer - Note: Battery must be charged or AC adapter connected
2. Remove all paper from the printer
3. Place a smart sheet facing down OR a new piece of media upside – down (watermark faces up) in the print tray - Note: Handle paper by edges
4. Gently slide the smart sheet or paper into the slot at front of printer until it meets resistance
5. Close paper door and paper will automatically eject (at normal printing speed) and clean the head. If paper was used, it can be used again for photos

Creating a test print may also help to establish if the printer is working correctly. To do this:
1. Printer battery must be charged or be connected to the AC adapter
2. Hold down power button, as normal, to turn On printer power until both LED’s illuminate green
3. Press and hold power button (both lights will go off at first) until bottom green LED begins to flash
4. Let go of power button and printer will print the test color step-wedge print and then power itself Off

If paper has jammed while printing: Do not, if possible, manually pull a jammed print out of the printer and do not send another photo to the printer. Instead:
1. Turn off power and connect to charger (or, battery must be charged).
2. Open paper tray door and remove all photo paper except jammed sheet.
3. Insert one paper sheet, upside-down in print tray and push into slot till resistance is felt.
4. Close paper door and paper should automatically eject.

If the paper has jammed before printing, again, do not send another photo to the printer. Instead:
5. Open paper tray door and check to see if there is paper in tray.
6. If so, is it loaded correctly and is not curled?
7. If no paper in tray add a new pack of paper.
8. Try printing again.

ZINK Paper is generally available online.
For queries related to the GL10 MobilePrinter please contact: 01782 753367 or Email:
(Please DO NOT use this number for POGO queries as they will be unable to help)

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